Frequently Asked Questions
What is SEEDSbase?
SEEDSbase is a virtual workspace for researchers in the social sciences. The first phase of development of our new interactive "SEEDSbase" allows researchers to enter and update their research projects in our database. After logging in, each researcher accesses his/her own workspace where all of his/her projects are kept in one place and visible in the FORS catalog. In his workspace, he/she can also build his/her profile, and determine what information he/she wishes to receive from FORS. Subsequently, the researcher can also submit his/her own data or data downloaded from FORS.
Has SEEDSbase replaced the Research inventory and the Data catalogue?
Yes. The inventory of research and the data catalog which include more than 9300 project descriptions and 400 data sets deposited at FORS, can now be viewed from the same entry point. The inventory of research has also become more interactive and allows you to easily navigate between the descriptions of the research project, the authors of the research and associated institutions. While our old database was based on the research project, SEEDSbase is based on you, the researcher. The researcher has therefore the possibility to see all information pertaining to him/her in one place and to be able to configure his/her own workspace to some extent.
What are future developments you have planned for SEEDSbase?
The application will be implemented in several phases. The first phase is dedicated to the Research inventory. The second phase will include functionalities for downloading, uploading, safeguarding and depositing data, as well as different ways to publish the data. The third phase will provide you with tools for constructing your own questionnaires based on tried and tested questions that will be made available through a multilingual question database.
How can I access my personal workspace?
You can access it from anywhere as long as you’re a registered user and have an internet connection.
What are the supported browsers?
  • Firefox version 19 and newer
  • IE 8.0 and newer
  • Safari version 5.0 and newer
  • Google Chrome version 25 and newer